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5 Common Sense Tips for Social Media Marketing

January 13th, 2015 by

1/ T&Cs

This is a no-brainer really; behave yourself and follow the rules. If you want to continue marketing on social media then follow the guidelines these hosts outline for you. They’re not out there to stifle your creativity, they are there to help you and your audience have the best experience possible.

Facebook Blueprint just launched to give you simple, easy access to Terms & Conditions, best practice methods and general ‘how to’s! It’s a great little online course catalog that’s free to access and you can get some nifty little certificates.

Terms & Cons

2/ Update, Update, Update

You remember that funny video you saw at lunch?

Now you’re home, you want to watch it again, but you have to scroll through the afternoon’s worth of posts and updates to find it once more. That’s because the digital world doesn’t stop just because you’re not there!

You need to keep on posting regular, fresh, up to date content. This might be difficult if you’re a man and van and are on the road constantly. But why not check in? Take a funny selfie, show where you are and how far out your business reaches.

Have a set day feature like ‘Wednesday Giveaway’ or ‘Friday fun facts’; make it something fun or informative, but make it regular, do it right and when you miss a post you’ll have fans banging down your digital door.


3/ Respond Positively

It’s all too easy to see red and charge! But don’t get angry: take a step back, breathe, think.

People love to complain and point the finger. The internet has given us a great platform to be as mean and rude as possible, knowing we are safe behind our screens!

But you have your brand to think about! Remember if they can see you, so can everyone else.

If someone’s being rude about your brand, or complaining, use those charming customer service skills you’ve had rammed into you since your days of swiping bread through the till. Ask your complainant to message you privately or provide you with contact details so you can help them directly.

If they continue to be rude, well that’s what the block button is for.



4/ #WTF

Hashtags are a brilliant way to get users to interact with your brand & keep track of your online conversation.  You can instantly reach thousands of new users, and if done right you can have thousands of new customers talking to you and about you.

Be creative and jump on the bandwagon of Throwback Thursday (#ThrowbackThursday /#TBT), Follow Friday (#FF), Women Crush Wednesday (#WCW); these are regular posts and almost any brand can take the mic and show their fun side.

Use Throwback Thursday to showcase some older products or advise! Be retro!

Wendy TBT

5/ Proofread It!

Ok so we’ve all done it, that double take! That “did I really just read that” moment!

However if you are representing your brand, you really need to make sure that what you’re posting is spot on. Get your T&Cs right, dot the ‘I’s, cross the ‘T’s and ensure you proofread with relentless precision!

Of course, make a funny enough mistake and ‘Woohoo’! Instant viral shame!



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