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Futureshock – The Ghost of Google Future

July 11th, 2014 by

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It’s always fun making weird predictions and producing some baseless speculation. Football journalists in particular make a living out of it. There was even a show called ‘Tomorrow’s World’ in the ‘80s which suggested that we’d be zooming about in Sinclair C5s by now. So we thought, why not indulge in a bit of baseless speculation about SEO? Where is it going to be? Take a look into the Convoy crystal ball and find out…

Artificial intelligence (why we should all stop worrying and learn to love Skynet)

While we are hopefully a long way from the inevitable war between man and machine, we are in the nascent stages of artificial intelligence. The Google algorithm already ‘simulates’ what it thinks human web users would prefer to see when they search for something. So it’s not mad to suggest that this could go even further into the realms of predicting your behaviour and giving you what you want before you even ask.

At that point it’s time to start stocking bottled water and tinned food.

Voice search to become the norm?

Right now, voice operation of tech still feels a bit odd. It’s generally quicker to type and search for what you want than it is to ask Siri or whoever. But this will improve.

Google is betting pretty heavily on voice search already and once people get over the barrier of talking to tech, it could take off in a big way. This means that one day we could have an algorithm that, while your voice searching for something, could detect if you are hungry or stressed…

The one thing that could stop this is the ‘uncanny valley effect’. Basically the uncanny valley is a hypothesis that states that when human features look and act almost human, it can produce a negative response in actual humans. So people could get ‘creeped out’ by something like predictive voice search. But with voice commands becoming more commonplace in electronics generally, we think people will be merrily chatting away to search engines in a few years’ time.

The downfall of the desktop

This isn’t a wild prediction as it’s already happening. Desktop computers will no longer be used for casual internet usage, probably within 10 years. Desktop machines will become something like custom cars are for motorists. They will be for performance junkies, gamers mainly, who will push technical boundaries while everyone else is happy with a tablet or phone or…

Tech that you wear

Again, it’s already here; with Google Glass, Android wear and LG smartwatches all gathering interest and momentum, this type of tech will only become more popular. These types of devices will cause people to search differently, which will mean a whole load of new SEO practices to consider.

Eventually the tech could get so small that it will be a tiny fragment of an item of clothing. It may also eventually become ‘as standard’ with every item of clothing sold, with certain items specialising in one aspect of tech, such as watches featuring fitness tracking.

The tech itself is still too intrusive. For example, Google Glass looks disgusting. No one would buy that for fashion. But once we start getting stylish wearable tech it might start taking off.

We’re looking at you Apple….

Mind control?

Alright, this is a wild one. But eventually we could get to a point, with biometric tech, that we search the internet with our minds. Imagine ordering a Domino’s with the power of thought; if that doesn’t make you sign up for a chip in the brain, nothing will.

All of these things, however absurd, would cause a massive shift in SEO practices. In truth, we already change and adapt what SEO is on an almost weekly basis! So change is nothing to fear. Aside from Skynet, obviously.

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