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Grow Local – Google Garden Party

April 27th, 2015 by

On one of the last sunny days in April, Convoy along with 49 other agencies were invited to attend the exclusive Google ‘Grow Local’ Garden Party, hosted in the Barbican Conservatory in London.

The Grow Local Challenge, an initiative set up by Google in October 2014, was focused on helping Local businesses get noticed online. As a badged Google Partner, Convoy were aided by Google in reaching out and starting a dialogue with local business owners, some small with limited online experience. The main message was about sharing the expert knowledge within agencies such as Convoy within the local community to promote a better understanding of online marketing, a win-win for both agency and client.

We were delighted to finish the initiative in the top 50 agencies and have embraced the spirit of Growing Local as part of our ethos, using the tools and shared knowledge to help forge even stronger relationships with our new and existing client base. The prize for coming out of this challenge among the UK’s top badged agencies was an invite to this incredible event.

Google pulled out all the stops, walking into the event, we were presented with the traditional welcoming drinks and then invited to explore the room. Set out in the style of a country fate, with food stalls, activities and games a plenty, including hook-a-duck (surprisingly difficult), ring toss and ‘throw the radishes at the paper cans’ (also surprisingly difficult).

 Planting Painting Toss

cardboardOnce we finished adopting our new office plant, Lumpy the Cactus, we decided to test out Google Cardboard, a small virtual reality visor, made from cardboard. Containing an Android enabled smartphone, Google Cardboard allows you to experience a 3D virtual vision of Google Earth, or a little animated mouse looking for a hat… whatever floats your boat.

As a bonus we got to paint and keep our own Google Cardboard!

After the Google representatives gave us a talk on the future of digital marketing and we were kindly requested to partake in a game of rock, paper, scissors (this was an ice breaker thing I swear), the doors opened and we were at last able to explore the Barbican’s Conservatory! 

Armed with Festival Maps & a Martini, we were instructed to work for our goodie bags; we earned stamps by playing the games (which of course we were already experts at) and quizzing Google about miscellaneous trivia: “Okay Google, how many eyes does a honey bee have?”*

Jenga 1  Jenga 3Back to the games! Company pride was at stake, as four agencies went head to head in an epic battle of Jenga.  With moves like a ninja, and block snatches quicker than a cat, it was a tense game of nerves! With each new removal the tension mounted, the trash talk got filthy and finally… finally, the camera man knocked it down, missing the shot he’d spend half an hour trying to get!

Running around partaking in all that Google had to offer us almost distracted from the beauty of the environment we were in. Of course Google wasn’t going to let that happen, one of the last activities required of us to earn our Google goodie bags was a tour around the conservatory. This gave us the perfect moment to take a breath and admire the breathtaking surroundings.

 bird of paridise explorers flowerdroid Bridge view

Overall this Google-hosted evening provided agencies with a wonderful opportunity to socialise, network and generally let our hair down. We were lucky to meet inspiring people from other agencies and make beneficial connections with Google representatives, who were all too happy to share their knowledge with us. We look forward, with great anticipation to the next Google event. That’s of course if some of us are invited back…



*Honey bees have five eyes

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