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Webmaster Tools Change – Fetch And Render

May 27th, 2014 by

Webmasters will be rather happy with Google’s latest addition to Webmaster tools –

Screenshot - GWT_change

The ‘fetch as Google’ feature has been around for a little while. But now you can put in URLs and test their functionality with different types of devices. In the dropdown you can select ‘mobile:smartphone’, ‘mobile:XHTML/WML’ and ‘mobile:cHTML’.

Clicking on fetch performs the same function as before. You can put in a URL from your website and the tool will alert you to any potential issues related to indexing. But now a new layer of testing has been added. By clicking ‘Fetch And Render’ the tool will render different versions of your page and alert you to any potential issues, as well as telling you about all of the resources on the page.

This is a nice little tool for any webmaster who is concerned about the sort of experience users get when browsing on devices such as smartphones.


Update: As of May 2015 Google Webmaster Tools has been renamed to Google Search Console. More updates to follow, check out the details here.

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